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Here we find an excellent example of inflammatory, anti-Muslim
misinformation combined with fear-mongering, anti-Obama
propaganda.  It has been circulating around the web and
was sent to me by someone who immediately believed it to
be true. 

Please check it out as well as our response:

begins under this line

Please Read and Forward


Let's take him down through the Internet.. 
Seems the majority of the press are worshiping 
at his feet....

Someone could put this on facebook.. 

 If each person sends this to a minimum of twenty 
people on their address list, in three days, all people 
in The United States of America would have the 

I believe this is one proposal that really should be 
passed around.


[President Obama walking with a book in his hand...]

  The name of the book Obama is reading is called:

The Post-American World,  

and it was written by a fellow Muslim.

"Post"  America means the world After  America! 

Please forward this picture to everyone you know,
conservative or liberal.  We must expose Obama's 
radical ideas and his intent to bring down our 
beloved America!
(end of propaganda exhibit)

OUR RESPONSE (which led to a 
public retraction and apology issued by the individual 
who sent this on to me and to so many others):

Dear ______:

Please check out the book description below.  It's by Fareed Zakaria, a respected mainstream American journalist (editor of Newsweek International and a frequent commentator on CNN), and has nothing to do with bringing down America.  It's about shifts in global power, something everyone is aware of or at least should be. One would expect someone in Obama's position to be reading respected authors and thought-provoking political analysis, such as this.

As is evidenced by the Times Square car-bomb attempt, we live in serious times, and so we have to be serious in addressing the real threats and problems.  This mindless and damaging propaganda is both racist and religiously discriminatory, and it does not help at all.  I urge you to send out an emphatic apology and retraction of this ignorant and shameless propaganda.  This, I feel, is the least any person of moral fiber and conscience would do.  The alternative is to stand by your promotion of the very same racist and religiously discriminatory hatred that you claim to oppose.


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