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November 27, 2008

We condemn these and all acts of viciousness, inhumanity, and terror, and we categorically affirm that such behavior violates Islam and all Divinely inspired religious and spiritual systems.

We pray for all those innocents whose lives have been lost and whose sense of security has been shattered by these evil acts; and we pledge to stand up against the ideologies and twisted theologies that rationalize and condone the indiscriminate killing of innocent people and the targeted persecution of anyone because of race, creed, nationality, or gender.

Even as we pledge our support in the tracking down of those who planned and carried out these abominations, we counsel all peoples of faith to practice restraint, lest more innocent people die in the grief and anger arising from the wounds.

May the light of God's mercy envelop those whose lives were so viciously and unjustly taken, and may the lights of His healing and peace fill the hearts of those who are left behind to mourn and to pick of the pieces of shattered hopes and dreams.

Timothy J. Gianotti, Ph.D.


Krista said...

Assalaamu alaikum Timothy,

Thank you for this statement, and amin to your duaa.

Here is an article about the campaign in Pakistan that I mentioned today, a petition and song reflecting a rejection of violence in the name of Islam, an emphasis that "this is not us."


I only read of this a few days ago, and haven't had time to look into it in more detail, so I don't know much about the politics around it. It seems promising, though. If anyone reading this knows more about it, I would love to hear it.



Anonymous said...

Salam Alaikum,
Thanks for representing the sentiments and feelings of all peace loving Muslims who are shocked to see horrific footage in the past three days. We strongly condemn this act of terror in India and pray Allah to give peace and strength to all bereaved families. We are all one as descendants of Adam and would like to quote the following verse from the Holy Quran for all Muslims who might had forgotten the true message “If anyone killed a person it would be as if the killed all mankind; and if any one saved the life a person, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind (Quran V:32). Prophet Muhammad says: ‘Murdering a human being is one the biggest sins, be kind to all living beings so that Allah may be kind to you’
These are the true teachings of Islam which we have forgotten. Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy for all universes and history recalls that the capture of Mecca during his time was so peaceful that not even a leave was plucked.

Let us all pray that we understand and follow Islam completely, bring change within and enter in peace completely.

Omar Malik

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Alaikum,

These are the times in which we as a community must place our differences aside and come together, so that acts of such nature do not continue to sprinkle upon our soil, soils of this earth. Such acts of terror have disturbed humanity over the years and it's our duty as citizens of this earth to make a change.
Prophet's Musa, Isa, and Muhammad (peace and blessings upon them) have left us great teachings of kindness and generosity towards our brothers and sisters who inhabit this earth. We as a community should remember their teachings and embrace it, so that acts of this nature do not continue to destroy humanity. As my brother Omar has stated above “we are all one as descendent's of Adam” (peace and blessings upon him).

As for those who have been affected by these incidents, our prayers are with you and your families. May God have mercy on those lives that have been cut short. Ameen!


Safra Farouque

Anonymous said...

Assalam-0-Alaikum, I forgot to add in my previous note that in the Indian Sub Continent saints of various sufi orders united the masses and gave them a hope. They stood against oppression and gave them a message of love, faith, toleration and sympathy. One of the prominent amongst the saints was Baba Farid Ganj Shakkar who disapproved intolerance erupting from fanaticism. He longed for a healthy social order-free from dissensions, conflicts, discriminations, hated and jealously. "Do not give me scissors", he told a visitor who had presented him a pair of scissors, "give me a needle, I sew. I do not cut"

This is the legacy of our forefathers who brought people together and infused love in their hearts, we must do our part...it's our heritage our history and our future.

"Udkhilo fis Silme Kaafa" Let's enter in peace completely.


Omar Malik

Anonymous said...


Adding further to sister krista's comments, here is another website where Pakistani Muslims are voicing actively for peace and universal brotherhood.

Please click the following link:



Malika Adamjee