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This blog is maintained for the readers of In the Light of a Blessed Tree, as well as for all those interested in the wider work of Dr. Timothy J. Gianotti: including the Islamic Institute for Spiritual Formation (IISF, Toronto), which he serves as the Director and Principal Teacher, the Studies in Islam program at Renison University College (University of Waterloo), where he serves as an Associate Professor, and the American Islamic College (Chicago), where he served as the Director of Islamic Studies (2013-2015).

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Meeting of World Religious Leaders (Amritsar, India, November 2007)

Since the late spring/early summer of 2007, Timothy has served on the academic "think tank" of the Elijah Interfaith Institute. The first project they shouldered was planning a meeting of world religious leaders, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Amritsar, India, from November 26-30, 2007. In preparation for the meeting, each think tank member crafted a tradition-based paper on "Sharing Wisdom," each paper now in final preparations for publication in an edited volume through Elijah. For more information, visit the following url adresses: