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REFLECTING on the dynamic principle of hijrah (migration)


"...anyone who has fled from a dangerous or threatening situation to a place of safety has made hijrah. Anyone who has courageously said "no more" or "not today" to a destructive, unhealthy habit or relationship or situation and begun a journey toward something better has made hijrah. Anyone who has broken free from a cage of restriction and entrapment, where all possibilities are closed and the light of hope has been all but blocked, and set out in search of a new place of hope and possibility and freedom has made hijrah. Hijrah is the dynamic principle that animates the very foundations of lived Islam, for it represents the daily migration to a better place, a better state, leading ultimately to a blessed reunion with the one who made us and opened up the prophetic pathways for us to come home."

from T.J. Gianotti, In the Light of a Blessed Tree: illuminations of Islamic belief, practice, and history (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2011), 101-102.


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