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Light Upon Light Resumes Fall 2008

Light Upon Light Spirituality Discussion Series begins
Friday October 3, 2008.

Time: 7:30pm
Topic: The Importance of Seeking Solitude
Location: Noor Cultural Centre, 123 Wynford Drive map

Light Upon Light Spirituality Discussion Series features a variety of spiritually nourishing subjects. This is an inclusive space where participants of all faiths actively contribute in a manner that is respectful to all.

This series is led by Dr. Timothy Gianotti
2008-2009 Noor Fellow in Islamic Studies, York University
2007-2008 Noor Chair of Islamic Studies, York University

Light refreshments will be served. Admittance is $5.

Save these dates in your calendar. We will announce topics on this website closer to the date.
Fri. November 7, 7:30pm
Fri. December 5, 7:30pm


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Romana Mirza said...

Salaam Timothy

I was eager to join in the Light Upon Light discussion last night as it has been such a long time since the Noor had hosted one. I particularly liked the discussion around differentiating between Alone and Solitude - which I later dicussed at home with family members as I sadly had to leave early last night. One thing that came up that perhaps being "alone on a Saturday night" may not be by choice and therefore considered "not solitude" where solitude is by choice. I like this differentiation because I have spent many nights "alone at home" when it has been my choice and felt I was getting the solitude I so long desired. I'm looking forward to our October session. Romana